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Mere the wolf by Ben39402 Mere the wolf :iconben39402:Ben39402 2 3
Another one of my OCs
Name: Flint
Age: 17
Height: 6"5ft(Human)/12.5(Wolf)
Weight: 125(Human)/1 ton(Wolf)
Sexuality: Gay
Appearance: Black hair, Black stubble, He usually wears a Black Hoodie and jeans. Even in human form he still has golden iris. He also has more pronouced canines in human form also, he has a scar on his cheek, three distinct claw marks. WOLF: He is black all around. When he is on all fours he looks like one big feral wolf.
Likes: Bulges, Farts, Being in wolf form, Being alone. Seeing how much he can swallow x3. Messing with people. Snuggling. Belly rubs(wolf form). eating friends (wolf form sometimes)
Dislikes: Having to stay human, TOO MANY PEOPLE, Bronies(trololol)Losing a friend (He usually kills them by accident)
Extra: He has a hard time making friends due to the fact that once they learn he is a werewolf, they usually get swallowed because they will tell people. He loves to hunt and become a wolf in his spare time. He only goes to school to try to look normal. He doesn't have any fam
:iconben39402:Ben39402 1 0
Name: Paw
Species: Fox
Height: He can change it.
Weight: Depends on his size.
Apparence: (See Comments for color scheme), but he has Deer antlers. He is very strong and friendly.(He sometimes becomes a Fox-Taur)
Likes: CUDDLES >:3, Belly rubs, vore.
Dislikes: Being mean, being insulted, losing a friend.
Short Description: He is very kind and hard to anger. He is a big prankster and loves cuddling and belly rubs 8D. He can wear clothes. It's usually a hoody with Jeans. He loves vore, and making friends is his ultimate goal in life.
:iconben39402:Ben39402 2 19
Ardul by Ben39402
Mature content
Ardul :iconben39402:Ben39402 1 7
Mature content
TWO MORE PREDATORS :iconben39402:Ben39402 1 7
Name: Buck
Species: Deer/Wolf(Depends on the RP, You get to choose)
Weight:  Depends on RP/350 Lbs. (Defautly, See Extra for more info abut it.)
Height: Depends on RP/9 ft.
Likes: Vore(All but hard), Friends, Toying with his prey, Farts, Bulges, He has a very easy-go attitude, He is very nice, but can be made angry easily, and you don't want to do that. He also Likes his belly, which is very soft and large.
Dislikes: Annoying pepole, Being hungry, having his belly poked to hard, being turned down, being alone, Called names, being ignored.
Sexuality: Depends on RP(Defuatly Gay)
Wears: Except black vest, and white polo.
Extra: His belly is very large most of the time, so you can pretty much sit on it (:3). Although when he isn't alone, He makes it almost unoticable, It is replaced by a six pack because he is extremely strong even thought he weighs 350 lbs, he is also very fast. He hates not bein
:iconben39402:Ben39402 1 0
Another form of atar, I love this guy : D by Ben39402 Another form of atar, I love this guy : D :iconben39402:Ben39402 0 0 Atar :D by Ben39402 Atar :D :iconben39402:Ben39402 5 7
My Bio Sheet(Prey)
Name: Ben
Species: Fox
Height: 4ft
Weight: 80 LBS
Age: 20
Likes: Being freinds with his predators, cuddling with his freinds stomach, being eaten, being afraid, and Annoying/making preds mad so he can run from the predators, and farts.
Dislikes: Being hurt, making is preds(Freinds) TOO MAD. Crying, being alone, being cold, and not allowed to be near his freinds(pred)
Other: Is Fearl, but can still talk.
:iconben39402:Ben39402 1 0
Char Bio Sheet (Pred)
Name: Scar
Age: 25
Species: Wolf
Height: 19ft
Weight: 2 tons
Personality: He is easy to anger, but tries to hold it in around those he likes and loves. Don't call him names, he hates taht.
Other: He has a scar on his eye from a fight he got in once, all the others are covered by his fur.
Sexuality: Bisexual
Likes: His stomach,belly rubs, cuddling,eating pepole, farts, burps, bulges, and making pepole afraid.
Dislikes: Losing a fight, hurting pepole he loves, eating pepole he loves, being rejected, pepole interrupting when he is talking, and pepole annoying him.
Freinds: yoshiwolfboy(Yosh)
Name: Troy
Age: 19
Species: Crocodile
Height: 12ft
Weight: 1 ton
Personality: He LOVESSS eating, He likes pepole doing anything to his stomach wether it be them rubbing it, or them rubbing there face on it, he loves it. He loves pepole, and dosen't treat his freinds as food(Most of the time)
Sexuality: Bisexual
:iconben39402:Ben39402 1 0
My Mom:)
Oh Mom, I've always loved you.
I love how you can tough it through the day, even though it hurts.
I love it how no matter what we do, you still love us.
I love how your favorite number is 4, 1 for each child.
I love how you aren't just a parent, you are my best freind.
I love how you will dance until we ask you to stop, and then you laugh.
I love how when we fell, you would pick us up.
I love making you proud Mom, This holiday was meant for mothers like you!
Oh Mom, I will always love you.
:iconben39402:Ben39402 0 0
Brothers To the end.
Willam and Benjamin were marching towards the battlefield, against the Kaiser's army. Will was terrified, he looked to Ben for reassurance, Ben nodded. "I won't let anything happen to you Will." He knew that was not true.  They will both die, He thought, The Generals scream awoke him from his thoughts. "PRESENT ARMS!" He and Will raised their muskets. Across the field, The Kaiser's Black Calvary roared down the hill, "FIRE!" They all fired, and the Kaiser's clavary fell, They got closer and closer, until They smashed into the line like a black wave, Men fell all around, Ben screamed for Will. "WILL!" He stabbed a clavaryman with his bayonet.  He ran to Will, Will was laying on the ground, a jagged slash across his chest. The clavary galloped away and regrouped. Ben put Will's head on his lap. Will gurgled a cry, "Tell Mother, I love her, will you do that for me Ben?" Ben was crying, "You will make it, It's going to be okay!" Will coughed up blood, "Don't leave me Wi
:iconben39402:Ben39402 1 0
Letting go.
Letting go.
She couldn't get up.
He knew it was over.
Her tail no longer wagged when he called her.
She tried to get up, but he didn't let her.
He put her in a blanket, and cradled her.
His tears hit her face, and she licked him.
He didn't want to let her go.
He needed to.
She was staying for him.
He wanted her to let go.
He will meet her soon.
She starting whining.
He shushed her and cradled her, speaking softly, saying his goodbyes.
He loved her. She didn't want to leave him.
She was tired, and she let go.
She stopped breathing, and just died.
He burried her in the back, under her favorite oak tree.
Her favorite little red ball was put on top.
The gravestone said:"Her lies Gracie, The kindest dog a man could want."
He cried his eyes out.
He said his goodbyes, and couldn't wait to meet her.
He had
Let her go
:iconben39402:Ben39402 0 0
Saying goodbye.
The mother lays dead.
Her child cries out: "Momma wake up!"
He cries, shaking her body.
She will not stir, she will never laugh,
Smile at him, kiss his forehead.
He will never kiss her.
He says: "Momma! I'm sorry!"
"I didn't mean it! I want you to come back!"
There is no answer, there never will be.
He will never recieve a note: I love you -Mom!
He will always love her.
Her time had come.
He holds her head, her battle now over.
The disease stealing her life.
He kisses her one last time.
He leans close and whispers:
:iconben39402:Ben39402 2 2
The End.
The end.
I walk the well-worn path of those before me.
I am worn out and tired.
I am ready to leave.
Why won't He take me?
I walk farther.
I still am not able to leave.
My family is gone.
I have no one to love.
He will take me when it is my time.
I have passsed through good and bad.
Sad and happy.
My life was good.
But, like everyone else.
I have my time.
I am ready for it.
I do not fear death.
I will embrace it.
My body falls.
My spirit soars.
I smile, as I leave this earth.
I have reached
The End
:iconben39402:Ben39402 0 0
When you breath your final breath.
That last sigh, signifing your battle is over.
You may now rest.
Go into an eternal slumber.
the tears of sadness splash down.
They sob.
They too will soon join you.
The walk of life is now done.
No longer will you face the sadness of the world.
You can now breath a sigh of relief.
Your journey is over.
You step off this earth for a new eternal life.
You may now join Christ and those you have lost.
They will greet you at the gates of heaven.
You can now leave in peace.
You have been born again.
This is journey of life and death.
We will all reach the end of our path's one day.
Some sooner than others.
:iconben39402:Ben39402 0 0


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